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Premiere: Olsvangèr – Mental Contest (Panorama Channel Remix) [Karakter Records] 2017


Karakter Records’ latest installment stems from the current epicentre of rhythmic electronics and is crafted by the hands of Eyal Ben Shimon, also known as Olsvangèr. The Tel-Aviv resident has already showcased his multitude of talents as resident at Piano House, recent gigs at Breakfast Club and The Block and as one of the pillars of rave community BOR. His extensive collection of hypnotic synth pop, acid and African electronic music show just a fraction of his range of influences used for his music, which is to be heard soon on upcoming releases on the infamous NEIN Records and Sulk Magic.

On K#003, he utilizes this versatility as a weapon, creating two monsters of tracks, each with its own set of characteristics. Magic Act, with its signature dark piano, haunting percussion stabs and human sounds, paints a mental picture of a magician on stage, doing his trickery amidst the darkness, with tension rising towards the prestige. Mental Contest is the lighter track of the pair, with africanesque percussion supporting the soul-piercing and increasingly bizarre synthwork. The finishing touch of the release comes from the hands of Panoramic Channel. The Russian duo formed by Andrey Telegin & Kinly and releasing their music on Belgium “Bilologic Records”, delivers a powerhouse remix, taking the rhythmic elements from the original and adding a very strong pulsating bassline.

Release date: 04/07/2017

Released on: Karakter Records


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