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PREMIERE: Owen Ezard – First Reload [Shara Music] 2017


Spanish, Barcelona based label Shara Music is about to unleash his third vinyl release. This time we have a label head Igor Hernandez aka Owen Ezard with “Acid Last” EP – three original tracks and none else than italian genius Fabrizio Mammarella as remixer of one of them.
Born in Barcelona, Owen Ezard started his musical career as a DJ 15 years ago. The fusion of styles from deep to the most avant-garde electronic sounds and his polished technique are the identity seal of his sessions with which is able to satisfy even the most demanding public. His elegance and unique style positioned him as one of the most respected in the city scene, having the residence of one of the most important clubs.
His natural evolution as an artist let him to develop his career as a music producer and label owner. He was releasing people like Zombies In Miami, Mijo, Rodion, Tkuz, Ali X and Tulioxi.
His ability to address new challenges and passion for exploring new records let him to search for a new project, an intimate and personal bet based on his own vision of electronic, accompanied by international artists who share the same vision.
Owen Ezard is one of the few that has accomplished to have his own and particular sound, forged by hard work and a lot of effort at the studio, knowing what he wants and showing that at each one of his sessions and tracks. Full of charism, passion, and quality, he is able to surprise the most demanding ears of the actual musical scope.
So, let’s listen the first track of his new EP “Acid Last” – A1. First Reload, here in Grecas.


Release date: 03/07/2017

Released on: Shara Music


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