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PREMIERE: Psycho Weazel – Ivacello (Roliva Remix) [Rumba Bisnes] (2019)


Ivacello is the encounter between electronic music and cello, with the participation of the talented Iva Moruzzi. Mersmering drums and oriental inspirations that make up the track in a club anthem

Psycho Weazel, is an electronic band from Switzerland. The two with 23 years live in the city of Neuchâtel. Psycho Weazel’s productions, detonating elegance, are designed for the soundtrack of his vision of a successful evening: a warm moment on the dance floor dancing, chatting with his friends. Resolutely hedonistic and furiously attached to the club’s culture, they delicately mix their pop and new wave influences into unifying sets.

The remix that we present from producer Roliva gives you a more forceful version, enhancing the most stubborn elements of the original track. Stay tuned!



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