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PREMIERE: Skelesys – The Path (Original Mix) [Play Pal Music] 2017


Skelesys. Berlin based producers with Buenos Aires roots is back with new, debut EP on Spanish label Play Pal Music.

He was previously released on Ninefont Music, Creepy Finger and 13z rec.

His inspirations come from very different genres, Hard Rock, Punk, Post Punk, Synth Pop and science fiction movies like “A Clockwork Orange” or horror movies like “The Shining”.

Skelesys – Nebula EP brings 3 slow original tracks and remixes from Peza, Telesketch and NOZZ.

Today we love to present you third track from EP – “The Path” dark mood chug techno piece which will make you floating in the most distant, unexplored parts of the universe on 100bpm. Enjoy responsably and remember, in space no one can hear you scream.

Release date: 15/05/2017

Released on: Play Pal Music



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