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Prins Thomas – Prins Thomas III [Full Pupp FPCD 011] (2014)


In full celebration of 10 years of the label Full Pupp, label boss, Prins Thomas is releasing today his third studio album, and named ‘Prins Thomas III’, in which we have a new demostration outstanding quality of this producer, which seems to further distance their Nordic colleagues increasingly looking for a more effective sound, Prins Thomas will search and exploration of sounds beyond, presents an album with 11 brand new tracks, 70 wonderful minutes of research and exploration of sounds more influenced by krautrock cosmic and space travel, psychedelia, an excellent proposal and an excellent production of the same, the sound called ‘Kosmische’, created by self Prins Thomas, and that this album takes on a fuller meaning, opening with the disco-cosmic ‘Hans Majestet’, with the familiar sound of Prins Thomas, approaching Arabic sounds with ‘Arabisk Natt (Dub)’, more time with cosmic-spacy ‘Kameleon ‘, cosmic post-rock ‘4.2000 Lysår Fra Morellveien’ or ‘Enmannsrock’ or almost more psychedelic with ‘Kavaler’, the nearly 13 minutes of magic ‘Luftspeiling’ floating in the ambient with ‘Oase’, the excellent ‘Trans’ with those percussions that we get caught in the melodies, some more disco sound in ‘Labyrint’ or ‘Apne Lusa’ tracks that are closing the album, tha amazing album. A highly recommended album to listen to and enjoy from start to finish, an album like Prins Thomas describes himself : ‘There’s no great concept, no specific theme, no scheme, no plan… no space disco but still plenty of space. It is just documentation of the music I made during the recording period – a musical diary so to speak. Diary entry number three’


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