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Prins Thomas – Rainbow Disco EP [Endless Flight] (2015)


Second collaboration by nordic master of Prins Thomas with japanese label of Endless Flight (Mule Musiq), if last September it inaugurated the new CD Mix series, a collaboration between Endless FLight and the Japanese festival of Rainbow Disco Club, now has Prins Thomas with a new single and a remix for the japanese label, ‘Rainbow Disco’ a cut with all the touches of disco sound from Prins Thomas, 7 catchy minutes with a powerful bass, fresh percussion and delicious synthesizers with those cosmic touches that convey good vibes and happiness; and accompanying this track, a remix from the Japanese duo of Force Of Nature (KZA & DJ Kent), their first production since 2008, who are responsible to remix with a sound more for a club, for the dancefloor, stronger and with a hypnotic effect and totally magical remix.

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Prins Thomas – Rainbow Disco EP [Endless Flight EF66] (March 16, 2015)
1 Prins Thomas – Rainbow Disco (Original Mix) 7:12
2 Prins Thomas – Rainbow Disco (Force Of Nature Remix) 7:08


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