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Prins Thomas – Toransu EP [Full Pupp] (2016)


Respected and veteran Norwegian artist of Prins Thomas aka Thomas Moen Hermansen, debuted in 2004, year in which he founded his own record label of Full Pupp, since that debut of this Norwegian master already has published 3 excellent solo albums and a long list of EPs and remixes, always with a ‘Space Disco’ music with onfluences from krautrock, eletro, psychedelia, … aside from his collaborations with other great artist from the Nordicas Lindstrom; for its part, the label of Full Pupp, which in 2014 celebrated its tenth anniversary with the launch of 4 EPs and a compilation of those 10 years, a label which always Prins Thomas has been a bet to the Nordic artists. in April of 2014 Prins Thomas published his excellent ‘III’, the third studio solo album, and now to start the 2016 on Full Pupp do so with the reference number #50 on the label with ‘Toransu EP’, an EP with 7 tracks, presenting on vinyl as a 2×12″, in which Prins Thomas presents a collection of new cuts, re-works form tracks of his latest album, as well as a remix signed by his compatriot of the Chmmr aka Even Brenden, an excellent new EP from this excellent producer coming after in the summer of 2014 to present his new record label of Rett I Fletta to present his side more techno, an EP for the label of Endless Flight in March of 2015 and last October with a triple compilation and 3 DJ Mix of ‘Paradise Goulash’ for the Belgian label of Eskimo Recordings..

‘Toransu EP’ by Prins Thomas, the reference # 50 in Full Pupp, opens with 11 minutes of ‘Meiro’, after an intro that is going making synthesizers and are transformed smoothly with some rhythms more undulating and cosmic atmospheres, with impeccable development and progression, with magical moments and dreamy, a delicious composition, majestic. In the second track, a rework of the track ‘Luftspeiling’ from his latest album, an original cut of 13 minutes of cosmic environments, with touches of krautrock and relaxing atmospheres, and which is now presented in its ’12” Versjon’ with 7 minutes of a higher tempo, an infectious rhythm along with the cosmic synths, a more hypnotic atmospheres, a trip through the Prins galaxy; other track from his latest album, ‘Trans’, also is presented in its ’12” Versjon’ which now acquires a more galactic touches and dark disco, hypnotic space trip.

Another of the new cuts of this new EP is ‘Toransu’, where Prins Thomas moves in a sounds more disco, a more classical sound of the Nordic producers, with a rich percussion with tribal and fresh touches, and 7 minutes to enjoy dancing in hypnotic way on the dancefloor, with a powerful bassline and the crackle of synthesizers showing its power. And a new mix of the track of ‘Luftspeiling’, the so called ‘Bogus Beat’, a new mix of some very different from the original, isolating elements from the original with a darker atmospheres and more minimalist.

The producer of Chmmr presents the remix called ‘Change Trains Remix’ for ‘Stockholm Express’, an original track from 2012 and included on the compilation EP of ‘Epic Disco Vol. 2’ on Rollerboys Recordings, with powerful and energetic remix from more than 6 minutes to delight the dancefloor with some strong percussion and disco synthesizers; and closing the EP with ‘Aoa (Kort Miks)’, taking the version closest to the more techno sounds, dark and fro a club, with psychedelic touches.

Prins Thomas – Toransu EP [Full Pupp FP050] (15 January, 2016)
1 Prins Thomas – Meiro (Original Mix) 10:43
2 Prins Thomas – Luftspeiling (12″ Versjon) 07:27
3 Prins Thomas – Trans (12″ Versjon) 05:39
4 Prins Thomas – Toransu (Original Mix) 06:54
5 Prins Thomas – Luftspeiling (Bogus Beat) 05:00
6 Prins Thomas – Stockholm Express (Chmmr Change Trains remix) 06:13
7 Prins Thomas – Aoa (Kort Miks) 05:58

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