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Private Agenda – Paralysed EP [International Feel Recordings] (2015)


The last March the label based in Ibiza, founded and run by Mark Barrot of International Feel Recordings, presented the debut of Private Agenda, formed by Nick, Martin & Sean and based in Berlin, a debut EP which received a great reception and that came with 2 compositions of the trio, with a relaxing sound, balearic, all full of good vibrations, with all the aroma of the summer, a compositions played with traditional instrumentation, recovering the sounds of the 70s and 80s, with this last month of September the Berlin trio of Private Agenda presented their second EP for the label , ‘Paralysed EP’, an EP consisting of 2 new compositions that are complemented with the remix of one of the most prestigious duos of today, Tuff City Kids, formed by Gerd Janson (Dj, producer and founder of the imprint of Running Back) and Phillip Lauer aka Lauer aka aka Brontosaurus, with 2 excellent albums for prestigious labels such as Running Back or Permanent Vacation.

The second EP by Private Agenda on International Feel Recordings opens with ‘Paralysed’, a cut that as in the promotional video, invites us to dance, to enjoy the music, a cut in which the sound of the the drum, percussions, winds section, staccato piano, guitar on key funk, synths accompany the pop voice of song, a tribute to the classic house, balearic, italo, executed everything in a brilliantly form. In the second original cut, called ‘Little Bird’, show a more sensual cut, again these delicate vocals, guitar and bass off hints of funk, a brilliant and epic saxophone and cosmic synths, ideal cut for the sunsets.

And completing the EP, with the remix of the duo of Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer) for the song of ‘Paralysed’, a remix of more than 8 minutes in which the duo re-work the original composition to give a focus to the dance floor, brilliant remix, arpeggios, bright piano chords, complete a bomb for the dance floor.

Private Agenda – Paralysed EP [International Feel Recordings IFEEL047] (18 September, 2015)
1 Private Agenda – Paralysed (Original Mix) 5:05
2 Private Agenda – Little Bird (Original Mix) 5:51
3 Private Agenda – Paralysed (Tuff City Kids Remix) 8:38

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