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R.Missing presents Crimeless


The band R.Missing is back, and they do it with “Crimeless”, along with remixes from big producers like GusGus and The KVB. The result is an elegant, deep and labyrinthine work, which immerses us in the depths of ourselves.

R. Missing is New York vocalist Sharon Shy and musician Henry “Toppy” Frost, formerly of The Ropes. Enigmatic entity R. Missing champions black quality pop songs with “Crimeless”. 

We have had the pleasure of speaking with them and this has been the result.

Hi. How do you feel?
Always like a piece of sugar glass.
We are aware of your enormous trajectory in sound composition in many aspects and over the years. How did this interest in sound creation begin?
Starting points look clouded.
How did your latest work: “Crimeless” come about?
In the half-light, in another city.
How much has your sound changed since you started until now?
Nothing different is ever the same. Call it an outline that rises and falls, and softly.
How has your creative process been? What inspired you?
1. I know nothing of processes.
2. Sightings of octagon houses
From the first time you listen to the album, do you think the title is perfectly chosen, which leads you to choose a name like “Crimeless”? What inspires you to create a work of art like this?
My beginner’s mind at any time.
How do you name your sound?
Out of the way.
What is your vision through “Crimeless”?
A double system of walls, picture-book penmanship.
Besides your next album, we’re talking, do you have something looming on the horizon?
Something is always looming, but what?


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