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Rayko – Rebirth [Nang NANG120] (2014)


Specialist publishing edits, the Dj and producer from Canary Islands and resident on Madrid of Rayko, Rare Wiri label owner, has just released his album ‘Rebirth’ with 10 original compositions for the great British label of Nang Records, an album that comes preceded by two singles already published on the label, last year ‘The Cave’ and this past February ‘Russian’s Theme’ and now already comes the summer, good weather, the sun, the beach and pools and the full album by Rayko, 10 tracks, an album that opens with the relaxed and sweet rhythms of ‘Balearic (intro)’, slow tempo, opening the way to go on the album and continues with retro sounds with 7 minutes of ‘The Cave’ and with a tocuh more funk, more cosmic, more club with ‘Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version)’ to go on the trip progressed by Rayko galaxy, one of the vocals tracks of the album, ‘Nightology (Vocal Version)’ with fresh rhythms and good vibes, and the other track sung ‘Russian ‘s Theme’ with those vocalls repeating ‘I’m gonna make you love me’, perfect for summer parties, dreamy moments and cosmic break with ‘Rebirth’ to back to the part with spacy cosmic ‘He Came from Space’, synths and forceful guitars on ‘Dreamer’ and closing the album with 2 tracks for a perfect end of the album, ‘Warhammer’ and the guitar riffs of ‘Goodbye Baby’. An album that has the collaboration of Nacho A. Rodriguez on guitars, and Pablo Fierro and Aida Hi sung, and album with artwork design by Eduardo del Pozo aka Light Spectrum.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/142851337″ iframe=”true” /]

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