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Reactor Vol.1 [Deep State Recordings] (2020)


Reactor debuts, and it does so in a big way, supporting the deepest and most unique talent on the market, and it does so under the Deep State Recordings label. They present us with thirteen exclusive tracks from the stature of Grum, John Dahlback, Arturia, Kane, Local Dialect, among others. All this bringing to the changing and demanding electronics industry something of freshness and with the rhythm calibrated to continue dancing, letting go.

This volume 1 takes the air from the end of the night, bringing together a multitude of genres, displaying an evolved, refined and enhanced sound, which consolidates the trajectory of producers who are not lacking in notable virtues. This album brings together tracks that transport us in a progressive and bustling way, as few artists with determined ease are willing to do, and they do it with ease, forcefulness and energy. The album, in the end, makes the listener come out of himself, open his mind and light the flame of hope, in a world in which it seems that he has lost all idea of ??the future. And more, in a situation like the one we are living in, an album like this is a breath of fresh air.

Being in the top 10 of Beatport, this huge compilation, which will be released on October 10, is a turning point for all the producers who make it possible. This album is nothing more than a testimony where the love of each producer for music and psychedelia is reaffirmed, beyond borders and races, and they do it with a delicacy, naturalness and infinite curiosity, which gives vertigo. Great vvaa.


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