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Reboot – Deep V [Deep Vibes Recordings DVR 023] (2014)


Reboot aka Frank Heinrich returns with new album ‘Deep V’ a tribute to his recently deceased younger brother, an album that is presented as a double 12 ” with 4 tracks and corresponding digital edition with 6 tracks on the record label Deep Vibes Recordings (Sascha Dive & Christian Schölzel), a extended tracks of about 11 minutes each track, an album that was developed around the world, drawing sketches of each track, and then returning to his home in Germany, use the analog collection of Frank for recording them, some deep tracks, atmospheric, produced in these minimal rhythms fused with more ethnic and tribal percussion, organics sounds, with results often hypnotic, dark, with development and progression in each track very retailers and thoughtful. Excellent drums dominate ‘Harsh Time For Kids’ and as they merged with percussion and analog of Frank, or ‘Tantric Behaviours’, or more organic sounds in ‘How the Funk Saved Province’, 6 interesting tracks, to listen quietly and enjoy the details that incorporates each track.

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