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Red Axes – Shem Vol.2 EP [I’m A Cliché] (2015)


The duo coming from Tel Aviv of Red Axes, fromed by Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, since in 2012 they signed with the French label I’m A Cliché, who since then have already signed 5 EPs and their debut album, and EPs for labels such as Correspondant, Hivern Discs or Multi Culti, return to the label I’m A Cliché, where last January signed their latest EP for the label, an EP that began a new series of EPs by Red Axes, a series called ‘Shem’, which in its first edition consisted of 4 cuts and which now present this ‘Shem Vol. 2’, and again with other 4 new cuts, a compositions in which this brilliant duo return to demonstrate their versatility and creativity when it comes to compose and interpret the compositions, with a rich variety of instruments and influences, expanding their musical variety, in this new installment touring to more hypnotic melodies, with that particular and exquisite vision of electronic music which appropriates with their own sound.

Red Axes open this new ‘Shem Vol. 2’ on I’m A Cliché with the hypnotic 7 minutes of ‘Shem’, a trip to the unknown, mysterious and captivating universe, with a simple mechanical percussion, mysterious melodies that make us remember soundtracks of serie-B, and a few scattered and strange voices that accompany the composition; in the second cut called ‘Oh Key’, continue the hypnotic rhythms, now with the use of guitars and percussion that lead us to a trip to a psychedelic and space western, to surf by space without move of the dance floor.

Loud and raw synthesizers in ‘Sweet John Gang’ continue with the cosmic trip, 7 minutes of catchy melodies, fun, swinging sounds, percussions that ride on top of melodies of the synthesizers. And closing the EP with the psychedelic and rare ‘More More & More’, of more than 8 minutes, sounds more dub, a few rhythms more deep, full of mystery and darkness, melodies that run through outer space to get closer to the most there, a galactic trip.

Red Axes – Shem Vol.2 EP [I’m A Cliché Cliche 063] (30 October 2015)
1 Red Axes – Shem (Original Mix) 06:57
2 Red Axes – Oh Key (Original Mix) 04:11
3 Red Axes – Sweet John Gang (Original Mix) 06:45
4 Red Axes – More More & More (Original Mix) 08:34

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