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Reptile Youth – Fear [hfn Music] (2013)


New pack of remixes for a song taken from the great debut album from Danish duo of Reptile Youth in german label of hfn music, and prior to release the remixes album of the same debut album, now the song ‘Fear’ accompanied by a fascinating new video directed by Icelandic duo of Ellen Lofts & Thorbjörn Ingason, and this time it has received the remixes of a Danish master like Bjørke Kasper (Version and Instrumental) with a wonderful demonstration of the new category of Kasper to face the remixes, adding a new synths and giving that special touch to the original composition; from New York, Slow Hands, slowing the track, with a sweet voice and piano intro, and these electronic arrangements in the background, as you go to the remix, go rising in prominence; and newcomer duo from Denmark, Broke, with a powerful remix, over 8 minutes with epic touches and to lift any dance floor.

Reptile Youth – Fear [hfn Music HFN26] (22 April, 2013) Buy @ Beatport
1 Fear (Kasper Bjorke instrumental version) 06:45
2 Fear (Slow Hands remix) 04:46
3 Fear (Broke Party Anthem remix) 08:29
4 Fear (Kasper Bjorke version) 06:45
5 Fear 04:44


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