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Reza Athar, Music to lose yourself to


Reza Athar has been behind the dishes for several years, delighting as well as experienced as all those who want to immerse themselves in the most select, eclectic and magical electronic principle. In addition, he has managed to make music a way of life.

Hi Reza Athar, I would like to thank you for your time! First of all, I want to know how are you feeling at this moment and where are you playing these days or weeks?

Thanks a lot Alejandro. And sorry for taking such a long time to answer to you. I am doing okay actually. The holidays just started over here. So I enjoy my time being at home and getting ready for the spring ?.

I have a bit of empty schedule at the moment, but that’s because I am starting a new study the coming weeks. So I pick my gigs carefully. There are some cool additions coming but I really can’t tell you about it at the moment.

How did this fantastic adventure start for you?

It started for me I think 11 years ago. Right after I got my Dutch green card ro stay here permanently. I started throwing parties as symbol of freedom and expression and not so long after that I started dj’ing because I started annoy all the dj’s with my tips and tracks they should play. So yeah.. I found in dj’ing the freedom of express myself through the music I play. That haven’t changed in the 11 years I still have the hunger and need to letting people hear what kind of music moves and test their reaction to the music that is important. But throughout the years I have founded out that interaction is such an important part of dj’ing. Compromise in a way that you satisfy yourself and the dancefloor at the same time is the most fun game for me to play.

How have things developed since you started?

It’s like waves. The competition is fierce, so you have to challenge yourself to get the recognition from the crowd but also the people in charge. Like bookers and media outlets. I like to think about myself being sustainable and being true to what I like and do and that’s not easy with so many competition. Specially when you decided now to produce, that gives you an handicap in the world of music as well. So you have to convince people even more. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is one of those things that I have learned in the recent years. Less comparing with others. Eat and drink healthy. Sleep (more than) enough. Don’t poison yourself with things you or others make you believe is needed.

How did you discover electronic music?

It discovered me to be honest. I didn’t have to do anything for. At some point it came in my life and never left since then ? Thanks to it I gor to know so many amazing people who have become friends throughout the years.

What music has influenced you? Are there any that could surprise you? Are there any musical guideposts or influences that led you to have the sound you make?

Of course I started listening to dj’s in the early years of dj’ing, but I never had the desire to be someone I admired as dj or sound exactly the same. To me that has always been my biggest goal to have my own signature and that is one of the hardest thing to reach in today’s music.

How did you first break into Djing? One of the main features of your approach as a DJ is to both entertain and educate an audience.

I really don’t believe in educating your audience. Of course you can surprise dancers with directions you go in ti. But the majority of the people on the dancefloor just want to have a good time. So it’s not my task to f*ck up their night with only music I like. I could do that, but then the room will get empty, the promoter will be disappointed and I will leave the party with a bad taste in my mouth. So I believe is always a matter of giving something and taking back something and that is the game I like to play. Don’t get me wrong I always play music I 100% support.

What in your opinion makes an artist great, besides talent and dedication?

Empathy, taking care of yourself and being nice to people around you.

Empathy because you need to know how much effort it takes to throwing a party and how grateful you have to be that the promoter gave you the chance above 100 other dj’s he could have choose instead.

Taking care of yourself is important to keep doing what you love to do. Listen to your body and listen what you need to do. Learn to say no. Pleasing everyone is pleasing no one in the end.

Be nice to people around you… leave a good impression behind to people you played for and who you meet along the way. It’s really not hard to be nice.

How would you describe your sound? Your music mixes elements of techno, disco, electro… how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard any of your songs?

Music to lose yourself to. That really sums it up. Whether it’s on a mental level or a body level. I take both and I always give the 100% to reach that effect.

What are you most hungry for in life?

Supongo que por salud, pasión y amor, en lo que hago por mí y mis seres queridos.


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