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Ricardo Tobar – Collection (LP) [Cocoon Recordings] (2015)


The producer from Viña del Mar (Chile) of Ricardo Tobar already has his second album, an album that comes by the hand of the veteran German imprint of Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings, which coincides with the change of residence of Chilean producer, currently resident in Paris. Ricardo Tobar, a producer who since his inception attracted attention with that fusion of sounds of melodic techno, electronic rock and shoegaze, a merger that took him to debut in 2007 in the label of James Holden’s Border Community with ‘El Sunset EP’, and then ‘Boy Love Girl EP’ and reach the German imprint of Traum Schallplatten, the French of In Paradisum, the Dutch Knopjemusik or the Henry Saiz label of Natura Sonoris and publish in 2013 on the French label of Desire Records ‘Treillis’, his debut album, among all these EPs and the album were his remixes for artists like Fairmont, Extrawelt, Phil Kieran, Taragana Pyjarama, Cora Novoa or Daniel Avery among other artists, and in September of 2014 came to the German label of Cocoon Recordings with the inclusion of ‘Gambetta’ on ‘Cocoon Compilation N’, a label that now published his second album, ‘Collection’, an album with a musical line that is something different from the usual on the label of Sven Väth, an album in which Ricardo Tobar through 10 compositions shows us one side of more intimate, more personal, more experimental, compositions in which Ricardo Tobar mix and match sounds with collages, experiments based on melodies getting some very interesting atmosphere and a very personal sound, 10 compositions, 63 minutes from the most pure Ricardo Tobar.

The new album from Ricardo Tobar, ‘Collection’, in Cocoon Recordings opens with the intro ‘Pasaje’ with 2 psychedelic minutes with introduce us into what awaits us later, and delving into the hypnotic 7 minutes of ‘Brittle’, melodies that are created around distortions and noise, creating an atmospheres full of mysterious and captivating; recover sounds of New Wave from 80s of Manchester’s Factory Records with ‘Invierno’, with a vocals left, lost; with ‘Angora’, long developments in which Ricardo Tobar shows his quality when composing, a composition in which the development is full of energy, over its 9 minute make us rise up to the sky to float with the imagination, magic composition; with ‘Inside Castle’ leads us to sound more drone, with synthesizers by detaching sounds, sounds that Tobar domestic and developed to add a lines of acid; and another magic cuts from this album, ‘There Is Pop’ with more than 7 minutes that hypnotize us minds to take us to other spaces, vocals in the background, mysterious and captivating, reverberation and noises, magic composition; again those long developments, 9 minutes, with ‘Blue Mint’, with melodies that are riding relentlessly, trapping us in the coils of sounds with a constant crescendo; more experimental with ‘Red Light’, a whole collage of sounds; with ‘Crystal Sun’, with more than 8 minutes, it hypnotizes us again, it make us vibrate and move, with some surprising developments and an epic final climax; and as the end of the album, with 2 minutes atmospheric and mysterious ‘Strange Wave’.

Ricardo Tobar – Collection (LP) [Cocoon Recordings CORLP037] (8 May, 2015)
1 Ricardo Tobar – Pasaje (Original Mix) 2:15
2 Ricardo Tobar – Brittle (Original Mix) 7:18
3 Ricardo Tobar – Invierno (Original Mix) 5:13
4 Ricardo Tobar – Angora (Original Mix) 8:49
5 Ricardo Tobar – Inside Castle (Original Mix) 6:59
6 Ricardo Tobar – There Is Pop (Original Mix) 7:34
7 Ricardo Tobar – Blue Mint (Original Mix) 9:08
8 Ricardo Tobar – Red Light (Original Mix) 4:31
9 Ricardo Tobar – Crystal Sun (Original Mix) 8:38
10 Ricardo Tobar – Strange Wave (Original Mix) 2:41

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