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Richard Davis – Same Room Recomposed [Danza Macabra Records DMR016] (2014)


The new ep of the label Danza Macabra Records is a revision of the track of Richard Davis “Same Room”, which two great figures of the current tech-house scene are responsible for remixing/reworking. Thomas Feriero a.k.a. Avatism, decided to create an epic with a flavour clearly house, where the melodies and the chords are wrapped in a versatility with a clear sound techno, a very thorough structure almost with magnifying glass and bass heavy, direct to the dancefloor, they become a perfect bomb to this track. Another remix in charge of Swayzak, takes a much more pop song, where the vocals take a main role, and techno color palette is opened to give way to a perfect track for a go warming up the dancefloor. With a perfect progression to take you to the most hidden places where techno is the source of eternal life.

Richard Davis – Same Room Recomposed [Danza Macabra Records DMR016] (2014-10-06) Comprar en Beatport
1 Same Room (Avatism Remix) 6:38
2 Same Room (Swayzak Tordal Smesh Remix) 10:23


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