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Road To Shaanxi – Revelation [True Panther Sounds] (2013)


“Reading ten thousand books is not as useful as traveling ten thousand miles.” with this phrase this producer called Road To Shaanxi from Bristol is presented, in late September that he published his debut EP in the New York label of True Panther Sounds with an EP called ‘Revelation’ consists of 4 original compositions of this unknown and anonymous producer, electronics emotive, cinematic, pure sentiments expressed musically, incredibly beautiful music, as the opening track of the EP ‘Revelation’ and for which he recorded a promotional video, landscapes that take place in slow motion, fine synths, a percussion jazzy sounds, with some occasional voices that trap us in the beauty of this composition; exploring new sounds with ‘Who Am I?’ with some reps creating the composition, and deep, dense atmosphere; experimental terrain with short composition ‘Floating Away’, where the initial quiet becomes madness with a disturbing voices; and narrative in the intro to ‘Lush Era’ which merges with the electronics. Very good and interesting debut of this new producer. A great success of True Panther Sounds label.

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