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Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten EP [Nein Records] (2016)


In late November the British label of Nein Records (managed by Tronik Youth) released the single ‘Bococa Hills’, the first preview of the next album ‘Generator’, the highly anticipated second album by Italian producer of Rodion aka Edoardo Cianfanelli, an album in which Rodion has featured a band to play the album, has assembled a collection of analog synthesizers and recorded in an old Studio in Rome, and a subsequent production in Berlin, and the label release ‘Allee Der Kosmonauten’ as the second advance single from that same album, a second album which will come after 9 years from ‘Romantic Jet Dance’ on the German label of Gomma, a label in which already released several EPs between 2006 and 2010, to subsequently go to publish his productions and collaborations (Bottin, Francisco, Golden Bug, Mammarella,…) on different labels such as Nang, Eskimo Recordings, Slow Motion Recordings, Tin, Roccodisco, Bear Funk, La Belle Records or Les Disques De La Mort, and a long list of remixes for different artists on different record labels.

This new advance single of the next album by Rodion is complemented with 2 remixes first with the veteran and respected german artist, dj and producer of Phillip Lauer, who, over more than 15 years, has been publishing with different aliases, mainly as Lauer or Brontosaurus, or form part of the duo of Tuff City Kids or the projects of Arto Mwambe, Black Spuma, Hotel Lauer or Talamanca System, among many other projects, an artist who as Lauer has released 2 albums for labels of Running Back and Permanent Vacation; and the second remix, with one of the names that more respect and admiration is having in recent years, the British artist of Timothy Clerkin, half of the brilliant duo of Eskimo Twins, and his solo project of Heretic, a project that debuted in 2014 on the label of Days Of Being Wild, to subsequently publish on labels as Relish Recordings Above, Nein Records, Beachcoma Recordings, and form part of compiled in Relish Recordings, Rock To The Beat Records or Nein Records, and several great remixes.

‘Allee Der Kosmonauten’, the new single by Rodion on Nein Records is presented as an epic cut for the dance floor, almost 9 minutes in which introduces us to some hypnotic rhythms, a bassline in key funk, a percussions that invite us to dance in the dark night, all complemented by a sweet and catchy vocals and a synthesizers that lead us to a more cosmic and spatial sound, with appearances of strange and nocturnal creatures beings who crying in the night, to take the main protagonisim along with the percussion and synthesizers to initiate a trip with a more tribal touches and psychotropic, with a climax of analog sounds in the final part of the cut, killer track.

The first remix, signed by Lauer, and takes us to the center of the jungle, with tribal drums that invite us to dance, synthesizers released raw and loud sounds, strange creatures roar in the middle of the jungle, and to developed remix becomes an acid trip, with its climax in the second part of the remix.

For his part, Heretic adds a rhythm more frantic and tense, hypnotics drums for seduced the crowd on the club, the tribal rhythms for sound in the center of the dance floor, and a celestial synthesizers that elevated the remix to take us into outer space, together with a robotic vocal parts.


Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten EP [Nein Records Nein060] (25 January, 2016)
1 Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten (Original Mix) 08:44
2 Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten (Lauer remix) 07:39
3 Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten (Heretic mix) 06:26

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