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Roe Deers – You Can’t Vote For Yourself (Official Protest) [Nein Records] (2017 )


Noise, like anything else, needs practise, needs talent and needs inspiration. In this case, Roe Deers take its inspiration from Eurovision 1995, and come through with three slices of dark spiked electronic rolling groove for Nein Records.
Title track “You Can’t Vote For “Yourself” uses sound from someone calling for attention an incoherent Judge in Moscow who is trying to give to his own country points in the Eurovision Song Contest, flavored over with echoing beats and dark horns.
The video embraces of the communist iconography from the Cold War times. These was are times for anger, rage and totalitarianism. Roe Deers offer you a 3-minute jump in time which would show you – hypnotization of masses, misplaced sensitivity and shuffling of the old communist symbols.
Ultimately, the importance of this record and video not so much in how Roe Deers ridicule the communist regime or that half-stupid member of the jury in Moscow, this is a wonderful audio-video message about the danger of human brainwashing.
However, this is my favorite release from these two talented musicians who for sure very soon would please us with their future works.

Release date: 07/08/2017

Released on: Nein Records


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