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Rubini – Le Cahier de Occelli [Degustibus Music] (2012)


This year we have a new label, with based in Peru, Degustibus Music, and this moment with 5 references on the stores, in the 4th reference, was for the producer / Dj Italian that living in Berlin of Rubini, and this EP has set a tribute to the world championship rally cars called Group-B, which lasted from 1982 to 1986, the beasts of motor racing, cars indomitable, and that cost some victims, for the first item ‘Le Cahier de Occelli’ is a real homanaje these cars, 6 minutes of a special atmosphere between techno and disco, a delight and wonder of the track, and the second ‘Easyleft Henri’ a tribute to one of those drivers of the Group-B, Henri Toivonen, who died at the controls of his Lancia Delta S4 rally Corsica in 1986, a track more than disco than the previous track, with a touch of house. 2 great tracks, a very good label …..

Rubini – Le Cahier de Occelli [Degustibus Music DEGU004] (2012-07-09) Buy @ Beatport
1 Le Cahier De Occelli (Original Mix) 6:06
2 Easyleft Henri (Original Mix) 7:42


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