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Rui Maia – Fractured Music Álbum Debut [Belong Music](2016)


Tomorrow will be on sale probably one of the most important albums of the year. So from “Las Grecas” we wanted to do a special mention of Fractured Music. His debut album on vinyl and digital format.

Rui Maia is one of those artists of European underground scene with more development success in his life,One could say in reference to solo artist . By contrast, the Portuguese group Mirror people (Discotexas, Permanent Vacation, Gomma), which also recently released an ep in Belong music (his own label) with large remixes of Kaspar orDaily Misconceptions, already have a name and a development in the European Disco scene.

Rui Maia - Everything is Changing [Belong Records] (2016)Behind all this, always Rui like he is, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and dj, from a punk scene, who brings us,in our view ,something that seems to be a new commitment and a job has not taken long in creating it, as he tells us.The stakes aren’t only for the composition or production, it can also bet on new ways of mixing and rather peculiar use of stereo field. In addition to structure and select the sounds that you most identify him.

Fractured music is composed of eight songs that show several different techniques and musical styles. Since most dancefloor and effective at most experimental and eclectic sound.But always with great musical hook.

The album starts with Subvert normality, an acid pump track. And he does not mince its words

This is followed by “Means of escape”. Structures that seem endless with changes that seem to never arrive, but when it lands, it does very well. Curious way to balance the left and right sounds, including effects. Bestial.

We follow up, without rest or long intros, interludes or nothing. “What you wanted,” with Pads classic but renewed, broken rhythms which seem meaningless. Musical phrases that come only once to make you see that electronic music evolves and changes, because the change is evolution. Kill the loop.

The fourth cut is called Everything is changing. It’s another ode to musical progressivism. Long and infinite sequences that lead you to a different way of composing music where the sequences have a solution at the end of several turns and solve what appears to be crazy. Nothing is further from reality.

We continue with the tempos up and Walking for days starts … Techno and more Techno of 2016. A bomb for the dance floor with a final resolution of the song thanks to an incredible voice and acid that we like it.

We stop in Silverscreen as an interlude. And here we go again with Rui Maia with Don’t give up. I think that it would not be an exaggeration to say that this issue is at the height of many of the productions of Tom Rowlands, Liam Howlett, Tom Holkenborg or any of that scene called Big beat. But with the class that characterizes the Lusitan. Acoustic basses are mixed with hundreds of synthetic and organic elements distorted. Amazing when the arpeggio sounds and the final touch with guitars. It’s good!

The album is slowly closed with an atmospheric track called Captain Frozze Arpeggio which he makes use of his personal guitars and a rather slow and quiet closing.

Enjoy and good Monday!



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