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Sal Dulu – Alien Boy 96′ [Duluoz Records] (2020)


The experience that the outstanding Irish producer / musician, Sal Dulu, accumulates in the world of electronic music is overwhelming and so is his new album: single, ‘Alien Boy 96’, self-released through his own Duluoz Records.

For Sal Dulu, music has always been everything, hence his compositions cross the boundaries of many genres, as if after the explosion of a cataclysm it occurred to him to collect the musical remains of other genres to reinvent them. , searching in each sound the meaning of a disturbing and dark present.

It is true that this Alien Boy 96 ‘has gone through several stages within its creative process, which encompasses a multitude of genres, but as a whole it manages to show an evolved, refined and improved sound, which consolidates the career of a band that does not missing. in remarkable virtues, presenting such unique and fresh nuances that they manage to shape unique pieces. Stylistically, Sal Dulu draws inspiration from ambient electronics, classical structures, jazz, and downtempo hip-hop to build a bed of carefully sculpted textures and aesthetics. Much of the upcoming music collection deals with dreamscapes and liminal places, as well as tackling fragmented memories; ‘Alien Boy 96’ shows it somewhat with their out-of-place dance beats and flashing sampled voices.

This work is born from an impulse to condense into one piece his passion for music, life and the people he loves. It is an album that is also a roadmap for Ghostlawns where they have found the love of their life and self-acceptance, both creative and personal. It doesn’t matter where you are. You just have to put on your headphones, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by this gift of life.

All these themes come together, until they combine an album as experimental as it is intense and addictive, where a variety of genres and ideas with which he has worked during the last twelve months are exorcised. Cum laude!



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