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Sano – Sano [Comeme] (2013)


The label Cómeme (Matias Aguayo) brings us the debut album of one of his last big bets, the DJ and producer from Medellin (Colombia) Sano aka Sebastian Hoyos, a new sample of the view that since the label Cómeme have and opt for producers from Latin America with an international launch, always with a very personal style, and some producers with features that give them a different sound, so are the 10 tracks that make up the album with a mainly sound old and very cool combination of different styles, from house, electro , tech house, electro house ….. with that personal touch of Sano with cosmic and dark orientation, some tracks with repetitive rhythms, broken with a develop very fluently, and with titles that already give us an idea of the fun that is the album.
The cool and fun ‘I Don`t’ that opens the album, with that voice and minimalism of the bases, catchy composition, to enter the dark and industrial ‘Paranoia’ and return to the freshness and fun with ‘Me Without You’ with a touch of acid, the cosmic dark minimalism trip on ‘Paquidermos’; fun on the dance floor of any after party of ‘Contoneate’ (track that is available in free download ), the softness and delicacy of ‘Anestesia’ like a jam on a post party, and burst the dance floor with the madness of ‘ Matasanos’ with such great catchy synths; a collaboration with Los Malos (Lord Byron , Gladkazuka & Cucharita) in ‘Transylvania No Mercy’ with that nod to the synths classic of the Horror movies, dark, with a very foggy, the simple and repetitive ‘Boquerón’, and to finish the the album, 2 brilliant collaborations, such as Diegors and Daniel Maloso for dark track ‘Necrophilic’. Very good debut this producer from Medillin, Sano, and as usual on the label with a different style , which is much appreciated in modern times.

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Sano – Sano [Comeme CMEMECD04] (2013-10-28)
1 I don’t (Original Mix) 5:46
2 Paranoia (Original Mix) 5:00
3 Me without you (Original Mix) 4:51
4 Paquidermos (Original Mix) 5:00
5 Contoneate (Original Mix) 4:51
6 Anestesia (Original Mix) 4:24
7 Matasanos (Original Mix) 4:46
8 Transilvania No Mercy feat. Los Malos: Lord Byron, Gladkazuka, Cucharita (Original Mix) 5:03
9 Boqueron (Original Mix) 5:19
10 Necrophilic Love feat. Diegors y Daniel Maloso (Original Mix) 5:10


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