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Scraping Beats Compilation [Cold Beats Records] (2016)


The imprint from Barcelona of Cold Beat Records, a label aimed at the Minimal wave, synthwave, darkwave, minimal synth, coldwave… made by contemporary artists, to start this 2016 presents a new and highly recommended compiled, ‘Scraping Beats Compilation’, a compiled on the seal designed in collaboration with the magazine of The Scrap Mag, and which presented 18 exclusive tracks of 17 international artists (17 tracks in the CD Edition), a tour by more than 80 minutes on the current state of these musical styles and its good moment of form, a new compiled which opens with the cosmic trip proposed by the Danish duo of Heinz Beauvaix, formed by Flemming Kaspersen (aka Delayscape) and Niels Rønne (of The Wand And The Moon); continuing the cosmic trip, with a greater pace with the hypnotic cut from the British of Greig Normaal aka Greg Houghton; the dark atmospheres arrives with the Dublin duo of KuBO, formed by PolyDROID and Aidan from Glass Dancer; the producer from Paris of Marble Slave us approaching sounds more deep and enigmatic with ‘Glass’; from Philadelphia with Minima Moralia aka Matthew Ricchini revisits the dark and epic atmospheres with ‘A Pressing Need’; the duo from Houston of Tearful Moon (Manuel Lozano & Sky Lesco) bring it a dark and mysterious touch with ‘Heart Is Fire’; from Berlin, Klarina Tourette aka An:idea gives a touch more sweet and sensual with ‘The Hawl Walks’; from Seattle, Portable Morla offers us a cut with sound more raw and dirty in the middle of a great darkness; from Vancouver with the artist of Dancer In The Dark aka Debora Cohen that leads us to sounds with a touch closer to the synth-pop; from Sweden with Frohm continuous the touch of synth-pop, now with a magic and delicate atmospheres; sounds more terrifying and dark with the Spaniards of Red Blood Divine (Mynationshit & Sentionaut); fromParis with MADMOIZEL with a cut energetic and powerful, heartbreaking; from Sweden with Person:a aka Niklas Kärreskog recovering sounds more dark and sinister; enigmatic track that presents us from UK with This Is The Bridge; from France with the duo of Vague Scare and the dark, mysterious and deep track; delicate and hypnotic composition from Forever Grey; another cut of the British artist’s Greig Normaal aka Greg Houghton to travel through outer space; and completing the compilation from Mexico with fast and tense track from the duo of Neue Strassen (Werner Karloff & Dan Shamble). A very good compilation of retro and synth sounds in all its variants.

Scraping Beats Compilation [Cold Beats Records CBR 007] (12 January, 2016)
1. Heinz Beauvaix – Dull House 05:19
2. Greig Normaal – Juniper 05:20
3. Kubo – Night Walker 05:15
4. Marble Slave – Glass 05:36
5. Minima Moralia – A Pressing Need 04:36
6. Tearful Moon – Heart Is Fire 03:23
7. An:idea – The Hawk Walks 04:26
8. Portable Morla – Confront The World 03:13
9. Dancer In The Dark – Time Enough At Last 04:45
10. Frohm – Cendres 04:26
11. Red Blood Divine – Cruel Assault On District 8 05:00
12. Madmoizel – Lady Dandy 05:53
13. Person:a – A Scent Of Metal 04:12
14. This Is The Brigde – Park Of Idols 03:30
15. Vague Scare – Some Dreams 04:35
16. Forever Grey – Drawn To The Water 03:29
17. Greig Normaal – Flash Drive 04:46
18. Neue Strassen – Fiction (Bonus track – digital download only) 04:24


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