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Serial Experiments – Layer #36 with Scott Fraser / Demian Podcast (2014)


From Lithuania, every Sunday afternoon broadcast the radio program of Serial Experiments (whypeopledance), with stream from the internet, and on Monday is uploaded to soundcloud and mixcloud the broadcast program, this past Sunday the guest to make the mix of the second hour of the program was the British producer of Scott Fraser, responsible for the great label of Crimes of the Future, a session where leads travel by those darker areas, eclectic sounds and different sounds, a personal session.

1: Serial Experiments – Limits:
When confronted with extreme stress, human beings transcend the limitations of their muscles and simply act beyond the normal voluntary use.

2: Scott Fraser:
has been working years with the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay, with whom he manages Crimes of the Future label. That is where he is about to release under a new alias “Nothing But Blood” soon. He shares some of his trademark sounds on this mix for Serial Experiments.

And recently, in the whypeopledance Podcast series, the guest was the French producer of Demian, which next week premieres new EP for the label Correspondant, a podcast which is complemented with a very interesting interview.

whypeopledance interview with Demian


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