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Serial Experiments – Layer #55 with Red Axes (2015)


From Lithuania, every Sunday afternoon broadcast the radio program of Serial Experiments (whypeopledance), with stream from the internet, and the next days is uploaded to soundcloud and mixcloud the broadcast program, a first part with a selection of tracks selected by the same team of Serial Experiments/whypeopledance, in this new broadcast, the first part called ‘Progress: Forward or onward movement’ and with a great selection of new highlighting like the remix of Thomass Jackson to Iko & Gibb, the remix of Morgan Hammer to Lokier, the remix from Remain to Johnson, the new track by Lauer included in the new compilation of Live At Robert Johnson or the next EP of Man Power for the NY label of Throne Of Blood; and in the second hour of the program, the guests are the duo from Tel Aviv of Red Axes, a duo that in each new publication demonstrate their superb quality and at the same time their musical eclecticism, with an own, unique sound, a duo that debuted by the hands of the French label of I’m a Cliche in 2012, label that has always shown its full support, and which have published 5 EPs and an album, and arriving in 2013 to the label of Correspondant and next week publish new EP, this time to imprint from Barcelona of Hivern Discs, a musical eclecticism that demonstrate in this Dj Mix for Serial Experiments where mix new with old, and very different musical styles.

1: Serial Experiments – Progress:
Forward or onward movement.
2: Red Axes mix: has been one of the most influential and interesting acts for a few years now, while having released numerous remixes and an album on I’m A Cliché records. Now preparing new EP’s for Hivern Discs and Multi Culti, and an edit for the newborn Disco Halal, they recorded this unusual mix for Serial Experiments.


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