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Serial Experiments – Layer #56 with Zombies in Miami (2015)


From Lithuania, every Sunday afternoon broadcast the radio program of Serial Experiments (whypeopledance), with stream from the internet, and the next days is uploaded to soundcloud and mixcloud the broadcast program, a first part with a selection of tracks selected by the same team of Serial Experiments/whypeopledance, in this new broadcast and under the name of ‘Eyes’ with the team of Serial Experiments/Whypeopledance offers a mix of an hour where you can listen to tracks from Lauer & Jasnau, 2 tracks of the new 12″ on Les Disques de la Mort with Mutado Pintado presents Sworn Virgins (the Dub Version and Acid Arab feat Shanbezadeh Ensemble remix), the new Red Axes for Hivern Discs, Ana Helder and her EP on Cómeme, th remix of Shan & Gerd Janson to Ghost Culture in Phantasy Sound or the next remix by Dimitri Veimar to Daniel Kyo in the Nein Records, among others. And in the second hour of the program, the program travels to Mexico to bring a mix of the duo from Aguascalientes of Zombies In Miami, a duo that after their debut in 2011 in the Mexican imprint of Electrique Music and on the Argentine imprint of Spirit Soul Music, gave the jump to European labels like La dame Noir Records, Biologic Records or Correspondant , a mix which offer in which we can listen tracks by SwitchSt(d)ance and his latest EP on the Beachcoma Recordings, the last EP of Saschienne in Kompakt, the new EP of Man Power in Throne Of Blood with the remix of Discodromo, Offset remixed by Jarle Bratten, the remix from She Made Monsters (Morgan Hammer & Lokier) for Iñigo Vontier on Melomana Records, the Demian remix to Offset, the remix of Zombies In Miami to Lokier on ViAAL_Rec, or the recent collaboration between Abstraxion with Kasper Bjørke in the Biologic Records, among others.

1: Serial Experiments – Eyes:
Focus to make out the details in the darkness.
2: Zombies in Miami mix:
have been releasing on all the most known labels, as well as playing alongside our favorite DJ’s, and have become one of the most recognized names in the scene. They recorded this mix for Serial Experiments.


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