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Shit Robot – Feels Real (featuring JENR) [DFA] (2013)


Shit Robot (Marcus Lambkin) and DFA are uploaded back to the spacecraft Marcus, to present its new bomb, ‘Feels Real’ and accompanies JENR (Luke Jenner of the Rapture) on the journey to bring this track of pure disco flavor, bursting to the dance floor and not get tired of dancing and screaming like the new composition, a wonder that comes in its delicious Extended Dance with over 7 minutes and this fun acapella called Love-A-Pella, and to accompany this disco bomb, killer track, 2 remixes, 2 killer remixes, on the one hand, with Luke Salomon with touch of acid analog, this bomb to operate at their maximum possible impact, and 8 minutes of delicious remix to explote on the dance florr, and on the other hand, we have a powerful remix of Larse, much to the dance floor, constantly increasing pace and power, excellent 8 minute remix …. Highly recommended Shit Robot EP, as is usual with him and the DFA label, high class …

Shit Robot – Feels Real (featuring JENR) [DFA DFA2375] (29 April, 2013) Buy @ Beatport
1 Feels Real (extended dance version) 07:19
2 Feels Real (Luke Solomon remix) 08:08
3 Feels Real (Larse remix) 08:03
4 Feels Real (Love-A-Pella) 04:09


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