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Simon Baker – Sonar EP [My Favorite Robot Records] (2013)


The Canadian label My Favorite Robot Records for their new reference has received the respected DJ and producer resident in London Simon Baker, after 2 years post her debut album ‘Traces’ on the label 20:20 Vision and publish various EPs on differents labels, he arrives to the Canadian label with 4 new tracks with a techno and house get you hooked at first listen, to work on the dance floor, moving above between 120-124 BPM, opening with deep, dark track ‘Standrads’ with some catchy synths and dark voices that encourage us to dance; with more voices more near to house sound in ‘Whut’ and a track to enjoy the sunrise after a night by clubs; the track that gives name to the EP of ‘Sonar’ with some echoes on vocals and deep, dark atmosphere, and to close the EP , with more than 9 minutes of ‘Complicated’ direct track, very deep and very dark that traps us with those voices whispering over the composition and a very good progression of synthesizers.

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