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Siren with Mr. Reed – A/way EP [Compost Records] (2015)


The imprint from Munich of Compost Records last October published the debut of a new project, a duo called Siren, and formed by two veteran artists with great reputation as they are Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area, Startree) and Dennis Kane (Disques Sinthomme, Ghost Town), and that debut with the single ‘Gauntlet’ which included the brilliant remix of another veteran producer as Ray Mang, a project in which recovered the essence of classical disco music, a disco music played with band, with instruments such as guitars, bass, percussions, vocals and synths, everything it executed by artists with great knowledge of disco music, and last July in the compilation of the label ‘Compost 500 – Freshly Composted’ included a preview of the new single of this duo ‘ A/Way’ with the collaboration of Mr. Reed on vocals, a new single that was included in its ‘Radio version’, and now the label just released this new single ‘A/Way’, which includes the ‘Radio Version’, with the ‘Original Mix’ and a remix signed by other veterans of the disco music such as the British duo of Faze Action, formed by brothers of Robin and Simon Lee.

‘A/Way’, the new single of Siren at Compost Records is the other face of Siren, if the previous single ‘Gauntlet’ was an energetic and powerful track, now they lead us to a more relaxed atmospheres, more sensual, a sound closer to the 60-70s, a cut that opens with the notes of the bass and percussion with the sweet voice of Mr. Reed singing the composition, with horn arrangements and guitars to describe a melancholic atmospheres, developed over more than 8 minutes impeccably, with excellent quality of the musicians in executing the composition. The remix from Faze Action leads us to 7-minute with a rhythm more closer to disco, more danceable, piano chords, and the excellent bass, percussions and horns of the original, great remix.

Siren with Mr. Reed – A/way EP [Compost Records CPT471-3] (28 August, 2015)
1 Siren – A/way With Mr. Reed (Original Mix) 8:27
2 Siren – A/way With Mr. Reed (Faze Action Dub) 6:52
3 Siren – A/way With Mr. Reed (Radio Edit) 4:07

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