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Situation – Visions [No Static Recordings] (2013)


British band of Situation returns with a new EP for the sub-label Nang, No Static Recordings with ‘Visions’ and its more than seven minutes of sound of a classic Disco music with a combination of a spacy synthesizers, catchy, and a gentle and sweet voice that moves to summer, sun and beach. And accompanying this soft and sweet composition, a pack of remixes, Bitter Suite leads to most quiet and relaxed, most heavenly, a touch lounge; from the Canary Islands with Ilya Santana, as always, providing the quality and synthesizers that characterize, with fresh percussions and a lovely result; and Vampire Disco with two remixes, Disco Mix and Disco Dub, with a touch more disco, effects work perfectly on the dance floor, somewhat longer Disco Dub remix.

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