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Solar Tracks #01 [SolarSoundSystem] (2020)


To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, SolarSoundSystem, the pioneering project to make use of renewable energy to power its sound system, thanks to the sun generators and the movement of static bicycles, are also the founders of the Radio3S. Now they dare to launch a compilation called “Solar Tracks”, which brings together 8 artists from its worldwide network.

Over the years, the organization, which has been minimizing carbon impacts at music parties and festivals, has been fortunate to have the support of renowned international artists and wishes to honor them, show gratitude by making this compilation a testament to their years emphasizing renewable energy. In the compilation we can find productions of Coldcut, Jay Ka, Ovhal44, Gregorythme, Naduve, Tai Rona, Harrison and Francois Del Mundo. In addition, in the vinyl version, we found a tribute to the remix of “Timber” of ColdCut, and he was the first to denounce deforestation in 1997 in his video clip.

On the other hand, a tree will be planted in Peru (Amazon) for each compilation sold, thanks to a partnership with One Tree Planted, an environmental NGO that is rebuilding forests and land.

This compilation has achieved that some artists, of unquestionable quality and musical trajectory, not attuned by market trends, can emerge and re-flourish in the most just way.

The selected artists that if they have something in common is that excessive passion for analog and modular equipment, without ever losing personality and exquisite taste. This compilation, which closes the season, is a good example of the healthy progress of the label, but above all, of its endless potential. For this reason, the best part of the compilation is not so much what it contains, but what it promises: done the necessary balance, it is known that what has to come from Solar Tracks # 01 in the future will be even better.


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