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SONNS – Remixed [Machine Limited] (2013)


In early summer, the DJ and producer from Los Angeles of Alexander Mouracade (half of Split Secs) published his first EP of his solo project SONNS, on his own label Machine Limited, 2 excellent tracks, ‘On My Mind’ (including Mark E remix) and ‘Starts Tonight’, and now he has just published an excellent pack of remixes of these two tracks, 5 remixes, 5 bright remixes, ‘On My Mind’ with 2 remixes, the excellent Danish producer of Kasper Bjørke (hfn Music) with a new electric drum programming, soft synths and effects on vocals gives this relaxed and cool remix; from Belgium, 2 friends like Geoffroy Mugwump (Kompakt, International Feel, Throne of Blood) & DC Salas (Biologic, Relish) come together for the first time in the studio to work together and unleash their creativity, creating a monster, killer remix, amazing, carrying nearly 11 minutes remix, industrial touches, repetitive, dark ….. brutal; and for ‘Starts Tonight’ with 3 remixes, the project of Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson, Running Back) takes the remix to a nightclub in the middle of the dance floor to explode like a bomb along the development of the remix; from Brooklin with Night Plane, smooth things with a remix sweet and soft, to float in the water and go with this aquatic remix; and from Los Angeles with Golden Touch (aka Jesse Rogg) slowing down the original track and re-work it again, creating a new track with a dark atmosphere compelling and captivating.

SONNS – Remixed [Machine Limited ML 003] (2013-09-23) Buy @ Beatport
1 Starts Tonight (Tuff City Kids remix) 07:45
2 Starts Tonight (Night Plane remix) 05:55
3 On My Mind (Geoffroy Mugwump & DC Salas CARRERA RE-TWEAK) 10:45
4 On My Mind (Kasper Bjorke version) 07:50
5 Starts Tonight (Golden Touch remix) 07:22


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