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Split Secs – React (feat. Alona) EP [Machine Limited] (2015)


In the 2011 debuted from Los Angeles the duo of Split Secs, a duo formed by Alexandre Mouracade and a ex-member of the group of San Francisco of 40 Thieves, Travis Kirschbaum aka TK Disko, a debut which came by the hand of the imprint of Jolly Jams (run by Dennis Kaun aka Kaos), 2 years later came their second EP, ‘The Joint EP’ for the prestigious label of Throne Of Blood with remixes of Red Axes and Maxime, and they founded their own record label of Machine Limited, where published the ‘Slave EP’ in the first reference and the second reference with de debut of solo project from Alexandre Mouracade of Soons, a project that recently published an EP for the prestigious label of Kompakt. In 2014, Split Secs published a new EP on their Machine Limited, ‘I Stand Alone’, with remixes by Monty Luke, Mike Simonetti, Blakkat and Secret Circuit, and a split EP in Kompakt with Gunjah & Nicone for the ‘Speicher 78’, in the middle are a long list of remixes for artists such as Woolfy (Future Classic), Safety Scissors (BPitch Control) or their most recent remix for Iñigo Vontier (Turbo Recordings), and to close the year 2015, the duo Split Secs presents a new EP, ‘React’, on Machine Limited, a new cut that again with the collaboration of the singer of Alona, singer of several songs in 40 Thieves, and with whom the duo collaborated on the first reference of the label, ‘Slave’, and now a new cut that is complemented with 3 remixes, the first with the respected British artist of Hardway Bros aka Sean Johnston, a synonym of quality, good taste and great musical knowledge, and other 2 remixes signed by Indonesian artist of Jonathan Kusuma, who leads the international jump last year, since his debut in 2009, with an EP for the French label I’m A cliche and recently published new EP on the German label of Love On The Rocks, and several remixes.

‘React’ is the new track from Split Secs in their label of Machine Limited, a cut with the collaboration of singer Alona, a track with all the ingredients to dance and enjoy on the dance floor, influences from the 80s and 90s merged with current sounds so wisely practicing the duo, a cut that opens with a fresh and tropical percussion to give way to the whistles of party, and after a break the battle cry of ‘React’ and a powerful, energetic and pulsating bassline that destroys everything that is presented after, and the voice of Alona, with her spoken voice that adds a sexy touch and sensual to the party, martian synthesizers released atmospheric sounds, to complete this killer track.

The first remix is the signed by Hardway Bros aka Sean Johnston, uploading the rhythm, the power of the remix, the more forceful, more raw, bassline with a sound and rhythm for a club, and adds a few touches of acid lines for the madness on the dance floor, frantic 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kusuma offers 2 remixes, first the ‘remix version 1’, a pulsing bassline is responsible for start the remix, some synthesizers more nervous and sharp, the remix as it progresses is growing and growing, creating tension, a few cosmic synths make their appearance to blow remix. And with ‘remix version 2’, the percussions are responsible for starting the remix with synth sounds more tippy, the bassline sounds heavy, raw, darker environments, late at night, with effects more psychotropic, a more alien remix.

Split Secs – React (feat. Alona) EP [Machine Limited ML005] (25 December, 2015)
1 Split Secs – React feat. Alona (Original Mix) 6:41
2 Split Secs – React feat. Alona (Hardway Bros At Work Dub) 7:03
3 Split Secs – React feat. Alona (Jonathan Kusuma Remix Version 1) 7:25
4 Split Secs – React feat. Alona (Jonathan Kusuma Remix Version 2) 7:45

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