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Statickman – Electric Force [Melomana Records MEL 003] (2014)


The Chilean producer of Statickman reaches the national label of Melomana Records (Gameboyz & Olmo Gomez), this producer passionate and in love with the sounds of synthesizers of the 80s, now features 2 new tracks, complemented with 3 excellent remixes, opening the EP with ‘Electric Force’ with a low tempo with great bassline, cosmic synths, powerful and sound of disco-synth, with saturated and bubbling sounds that hypnotize us, a track that is accompanied by 2 remixes made from the duo of Club Bizarre, first the ‘Electrified Version’, raising the tempo, more dark and sound on the dance floor, and the ‘Electro Cuted’, with the slow tempo, the voices of voccoder, with a more retro sound, great remix; the other original, ‘Flash Night’ with a catchy bassline, and a touches very 80s, delicious track, which is complemented with the remix of Kezokichi, which develops a great and brutal remix, along more than 8 minutes to epic moments, killer remix.

Statickman – Electric Force [Melomana Records MEL 003] (10 October, 2014)
1 Statickman – Electric Force (Original Mix) 6:13
2 Statickman – Flash Night (Original Mix) 5:34
3 Statickman – Electric Force (Club Bizarre Electrified Version) 7:02
4 Statickman – Electric Force (Club Bizarre Electro Cuted Remix) 7:04
5 Statickman – Flash Night (Kezokichi Remix) 8:25

Pre Order @ Juno (Release date: 10 October, 2014)


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