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Statickman – New Album & ComoLasGrecas Interview


José Luis Seguel Quezada aka Statickman from Chile takes two years to surprising the world with his productions, to date on labels like Mojear, South B, Monotonias, Disco Rebels or Emerald & Doreen, and today he published his debut album on label based in Guatemala of Disco rebels, 10 tracks, a collection of 10 tracks previously published and have now received a new treatment for the album, updating teh tracks wiht new mixes, synths, 80s environment, robotic voices and high quality in all its productions with it have had the opportunity to make an interesting interview where he explains his secrets, how it works and a lot more interesting ….

Could you tell us a bit about your methods on doing music?
Two fundamental things for me is that I’m more on the melodic side rather than the rhythm and percussive side, and that baselines are the core of my music. Another very personal thing from my compositions is the use of arpeggios, all crafted by myself, never predesigned.

At the moment of creation, are you one of those who sit in front of the computer to see what come’s up or you has an already up on mind and do a write down on the sequencer or synth or any other tool?
The second, and sometimes the first one. Most of the times my tracks are things that I imagine, I invent, and then I model the melody in my mind and make the write down of the idea. When I work on a remix I come more for the first, letting it flow from the voices or the melody the original track could have. I always try to run off from original ideas and deliver new visions of their starting point.

How broad you think is the difference between emulated virtual synths (VSTS, AU, RTAS) and real analog ones?
I think that clearly the real ones has supremacy over any other experience. However this is not an obstacle, I think my move is to work much more on the melody, arpeggios, transpositions, than to achieve to modulate a sound never been used before from a synth. I see the synth sounds as traditional instruments like guitar or piano that with one sound can reach millions of beautiful melodies, I’m not looking for unique sounds, just a characteristic sound, I wish unforgettable.

Your synth list please:
As much of us that love the new wave, synth, new age, retro sound I can’t stop thinking on:
Oscar, Moog, Prophet, and all synths that made it to the retro futuristic sound.

How did you learned to compose music? Are you self taught or been studying somewhere?
Never studied music, totally self taught. As I said before, the melodies are in my mind, as a friend said I’m a talented not a virtuoso. However this has never been a limit for me, because I been paying attention to the most slightly details on last decades contemporary music so I can apply that rich acquaintance to my music. There’s no limits to musical creations and I’m really grateful to life for my imagination.

What do you think about free culture, piracy, and all those hype terms, and by the way, how’s industry down there in Latin America?
It’s all mixed feelings for me, in one hand if think the music is a right, not a privilege, for the same I have no problem to share with my people my new works, but in the other hand I realize that living from music as a musician turns into an impossible matter. However since its my passion, I’d never stop doing it. About industry and venues here, here in Chile they’re very small and same people’s playing all the time, more well connected people than talented. But I don’t lose my fate and I hope to take over the scene and get my humble place on it.

Tell us about your performances
I’ve been not playing a lot lately but the experiences has been very pleasant. From the moment I press play to the first sequence I can feel how the audience catch my approach. Disco, electro, synth wave, some times with cyber punk touch, these are always gradual starting very dainty, trying to recreate an atmosphere full of good vibes and gradually come up till get a cruise speed that allows the audience to trip anywhere.

Do you use synths live?
Not for the moment, I use sequencers. Now I’ve just got a new Korg modulator to make my performances more interactive. I’m building my story every time mainly from the use of the launchpad so the audience finds attractive the interaction. Soundchecks are always a need, I had bad experiences in the past by not doing them, but with a couple of minutes it’s all right.

Most of your EP’s has a pretty good sound: How is the process to get that sound? How do you mix and master?
As I said “I am self-taught”, this part will surely be another impressive or unexpected point, so I compose my tracks through headphones, the experience has shown me that the sounds produced with fewer effects gives you more free space for the music to move freely. The use of Delay or Reverb only more atmospheric lines. My mixes has a balanced level between bassline and percussion, arpeggios and details are always in the background and the main Synths and Vocals when there is an intermediate level. I’m also proud to work with labels that knows the mastering is the cherry on the cake, and it is these who are responsible for mastering the right people with each of my releases, then they send me the masters and I give the ok.

Tell us about how do you reach audience and how do you promote yourself in the net:
It take a lot and it’s very hard to get good promotion, and reach the audience in a scene is full of people making new stuff everyday, some of them are very talented but they just sink into the crowd in a snap. My main tool is Soundcloud, where I could reach a massive amount of followers, through this tool I somehow managed to get in touch with many people, artists, and labels that also reached me by this way. Linking it to other social networks has powered my appearance. But I know I have to keep going, knocking doors to reach more important places, in fact I want to thank you a lot for this interview, now new people could get notice about my project. A big Hug from Santiago de Chile!!!

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Interview by Kali ModernFacker, and the collaboration of Fernando Dimare for translation

Thank you very much to Statickmam, for the interview, and November 20 will bring you a new exclusive to this excellent producer.


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