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Stephan Bodzin – Birth EP [Herzblut Recordings] (2015)


The german Dj and prducer of Stephan Bodzin, with his own record label of Herzblut Recordings, in his more than 10 years of musical career, to been publishing under his name of Stephan Bodzin as well as other alias or be part of other formations, as his collaborations with Marc Romboy or Oliver Huntemann, a producer that debuted by the hands of the veteran German imprint of Systematic Recordings, founded in 2004 by Marc Romboy, label which has been publishing more EPs, as well as his own label of Herzblut Recordings, where in 2007 published his debut album, ‘Liebe Ist…’, and now already announced for the month of June the release of his second album, ‘Powers Of Ten’ on his label of Herzblut Recordings, and as an advancement of this long awaited new album has just published the first EP of presentation of the same, ‘Birth EP’, which includes a different mix of one of the cuts from the album and the remix from the German duo of Super Flu (Felix Thielemann & Mathias Schwarz). An EP of Stephan Bodzin at Herzblut Recordings that arrive after 7 years without publishing on his own label.

The return of Stephan Bodzin at Herzblut Recordings opens with ‘Birth (Ja Mix)’ epic, melodic song, some synthesizers that elevate the composition into outer space to stay afloat, flying through skies, composition of dreamy, magical and melancholic. And completing this EP, remix of the Germans of Super Flu with a remix called ‘Early Contractions Remix’ with strange sounds, bubbly, metal punches and a delicate piano that emphasize the depth of the composition as well as its most melancholy appearance.

Stephan Bodzin – Birth EP [Herzblut Recordings HERZBLUT50-6] (27 April, 2015)
1 Stephan Bodzin – Birth (Ja Mix) 6:10
2 Stephan Bodzin – Birth (Super Flu’s Early Contractions Remix) 7:24

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