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Stiletti-Ana – Stiletti-Ana EP [I’m A Cliche] (2015)


As it is usual, the French imprint of I’m a Cliché continuous in search and publication of great names of the underground scene, as well as the commitment to new talents, for the last reference of the label, I’m a Cliché travel to the cold Helsinki to present this EP or mini-LP, 6 compositions by Finnish artist Stiletti-Ana aka Ilari Larjosto, a name that in principle appears as an unknown outside of Finland, but that in his country is a big name in the underground scene, a man who is behind multiple projects such as K-X -P, Tahtiportti, DJ Candle in The Wind, Jimi Tenor, Randy Barracuda or form part with Niko Liinamaa of the duo Jesse, either as a studio musician, producer, mixer, mastering, recording engineer, work which makes part of his own compositions, as drummer or as Dj, and which is now pleased to present this alone debut for the French label, a debut that comes after that last year to collaborate with DJ Fett Burger with a 12 “to the Norwegian label of the Sex Tags UFO or a split EP for the Finnish label of Seahorse & Castle with the artist of Ender.

The reference number 62 of I’m a Cliché with Stiletti-Ana opens with ‘Universe Carrier’, cut for which makes a promotional video, video made by the Finnish artist of Harri Larjosto (Stiletti-Ana’s father), a cut with a melodic sound and ethereal atmospheres, which are being incorporated some analog which emit sound more raw and forceful, with an hypnotic effect and magical atmspheres; some atmospheres that remain on the following cut called ‘ Trough the Skyline I Heard Ur Voice’, with the analogue throwing their sequences and rhythms, pervading mystery composition; most atmospheric and ethereal on ‘Silver’, begins to go grow and develop more magical and dreamy melodies to leave to the imagination fly; and give way to ‘Motors’, with his sound more strong, forceful and assertive in contrast to most environmental and mysterious sounds, creating an atmosphere of gloomy and dark; a forcefulness and rawness that increases with ‘They Knew Their Time Was Cumming’, with a dark and raw pace, without concessions, and closing this mini-LP with ‘Time We Left This World Today, PT. 2’ with 7 melodic minutes, magical and dreamy, again a cut to let the music sound and we’ll fly very far away.

Stiletti-Ana – Stiletti-Ana EP [I’m A Cliche CLICHE062] (18 September, 2015)
1 Stiletti-Ana – Universe Carrier (Original Mix) 6:45
2 Stiletti-Ana – Trough the Skyline I Heard Ur Voice (Original Mix) 5:30
3 Stiletti-Ana – Silver (Original Mix) 5:36
4 Stiletti-Ana – Motors (Original Mix) 6:16
5 Stiletti-Ana – They Knew Their Time Was Cumming (Original Mix) 6:54
6 Stiletti-Ana – Time We Left This World Today, Pt. 2 (Original Mix) 7:08

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