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Suzan Mutesi – Just That Into You


It is quite a discovery to find artists like Suzan Mutesi, the great pop artist edm, from African Australian born Ugandan raised in Australia on the market. The last single: her Just That Into You, is designed to fall in love. As Suzan comments in this interview: “Song speaks to your love language I wrote this song for every girl – The story behind it is As a girl we want to be into a guy that makes us feel like the only girl they see in the room . A guy that smells fresh and has a nice smile. Every girl wants a twilight kind of guy that stares deep in your soul and tattoos his name from him on your heart. A chivalrous man that has those old fashioned mannerisms. He will pull the chair for you, will off his jacket if it’s cold. A great kisser and a stylish kind of guy that’s secure, confident guy who knows what he wants. ”

Her sound, consolidated, manages to enter a unique and very personal sonic cosmos, which encompasses a wide range of sound textures. With this single she has managed to represent a refined and elegant sound, which heralds the career of an artist full of notable virtues, presenting nuances so unique and fresh that they manage to shape unique pieces. The aesthetic is energetic, and full of life. And her lyrics, direct, appeal to the most fundamental of the human being.

We hope to continue listening to Suzan in the future more and better, full of poetry.


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