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SwitchSt(d)ance – The Graveyard Shift EP [Beachcoma Recordings BEACH 030] (2014)


The german label of Beachcoma Recordings (Farimont, Sid Le Rock & Metope) for the new release brings a wonderful debut from the beautiful Lisbon (Portugal) with producer SwitchSt(d)ance aka Marco Antão, Dj resident at Lux Club (Lisbon) with a music influence as he himself defines as “electronic, hypnotic, gothic, psychedelic, melodic, organic, minimalist, futuristic, introspective … ” that’s how these 4 original tracks that make up ‘The Graveyard Shift EP’ , arpeggiated synths, organic sounds, analogue drum machines are presented; opening with almost 9 minutes ‘Acean’ with excellent progression in the track, as is growing as track progresses, and synthesizers, drum machines are developed …. magic track, and other excellent 7 minutes with ‘Graveyard Shift’, melodic and atmospheric with psychedelic touches and wonderful progression track; more cosmic- spacy and retro-futuristic with ‘Mona’, almost cinematic, and to close with ‘ Shining’, near atmospheric environments, dark, arpeggiated synths and retro-futuristic sounds that make us travel to imaginary cities at night. Amazing debut.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/134222272″ iframe=”true” /]

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