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TB – City Girl EP [Permanent Vacation] (2015)


Today published new reference on German imprint of Permanent Vacation, and for this new reference bring the debut EP with 4 tracks of TB, Permanent Vacation co-owner of Tom Bioly, an EP with 3 cuts in the vinyl Edition and a bonus track on the digital edition, hypnotic, melodic, amazing compositions; opening cuts this new EP with ‘City Girl’ with energetic 7 minutes that lead us to states of mental trance, to hypnotic dances, imaginary landscapes in which we danced; ‘Nothing Is’ continue with these melodic landscapes, here with a touches something more mysterious and captivating; more relaxed, and a slower tempo comes the magical ‘Domino’ with its 7 minute full of melancholy, dreamy atmospheres, a delicate and sensitive composition, delightful track; and as a bonus in the digital edition ‘Life In Renoir’, in less than 4 minutes takes us to land very relaxed, atmospheric, with the incorporation of guitars, a very nice way to complete and close the EP.

TB – City Girl EP [Permanent Vacation PERMVAC 138-1] (27 March 2015)
1 TB – City Girl (Original Mix) 06:46
2 TB – Nothing Is (Original Mix) 05:27
3 TB – Domino (Original Mix) 06:43
4 TB – Life In Renoir (Original Mix) 03:50

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