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TCB – Rather Happy Songs EP [House Is OK] (2015)


The German-croatian imprint of House Is OK, founded and managed in 2012 by the artists of Homeboy, Janis & Oliver Achatz, reaching its seventh reference, an excellent reference, with the German producer of Chris Beiswenger, an artist who along with Phillip Lauer formed, the now split up the duo of Arto Mwámbe, and alone, Chris Beiswenger used his alias of The Citizen’s Band debuting in 2011, and by signing EPs for labels such as Live At Robert Johnson, Story or Tasteful Nudes, while his alias of TCB had used it for an EP on the label Die Orakel in 2013, and now again retrieves this alias of TCB for this new EP for the label of House Is OK, ‘Rather Happy Songs EP’, an EP that the German producer presents 3 original compositions in which research in search of his own sound, evolving his sound, techno made with modular, analogue, 3 cuts, complemented with a remix for a cut of unpublished from TCB, a remix by the veteran, respected and prestigious producer from Frankfurt of Roman Flügel, an artist who began as producer in the mid-90s, and that has been part of different projects and different aliases, also co-founder of labels like Playhouse, Ongaku Musik or Klang Elektronik.

‘Rather Happy Songs EP’ with TCB in House Is OK opens with ‘Uptown Slice’ where TCB over 7 minutes makes a majestic and accurate development of the composition, a pulsating bassline, some elastic synthesizers with cosmic atmospheres, and soft drums that drive the evolution and development of the track, a mentally and hypnotic track.

With ‘Z-Gnal’, TCB leads to territories deeper and mystical, a cut that in its long development, more than 8 minutes, will be incorporating and deriving musical layers, hypnotic sequences that are incorporated into the cut, with a delicate progression, cared for, and appearing more raw and rough sounds.

The artist from Frankfurt of Roman Flügel is responsible for a remix of unreleased cut from TCB called ‘2nd Touch’, a brilliant and magical remix of more than 7 minutes, a remix which combines hypnotic rhythms, arpeggios, a magical bassline, and a few cosmic synths that accompany us on a delicious trip through the space, with final part with acid lines, full of melancholy, a cut to daydream to fly far away and enjoy the music.

Finally, with ‘Excerpt’ brings us a sound closer to a more mysterious and strange atmospheres, strange voices at the start of the cut, a few sequences and hypnotic percussion, are developed in the midst of the spatial dark to go flashes of bright lights, a cut with a slow tempo, soft and dreamy.

TCB – Rather Happy Songs EP [House Is OK HIOK007] (16 November, 2015)
1 TCB – Uptown Slice (Original Mix) 6:51
2 TCB – Z-Gnal (Original Mix) 8:15
3 TCB – 2nd Touch (Roman Flügel Remix) 7:34
4 TCB – Excerpt (Original Mix) 5:49

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