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Terranova – Headache Remixe [Kompakt] (2015)


In March of 2014, Terranova published in the german label of Kompakt ‘Headache EP’ with 3 tracks, and to begin by 2015, the German label publishes the pack of remixes of that EP, an EP with one remix for each track, opening up this ‘Headache Remixe’ with the remix from German producer of David Mayer for ‘Tourette’ with 8 minutes where takes the remix to the sound of David Mayer & Keinemusik, deep, forceful bassline, percussions, galloping without pauses on the night, a dark and hypnotic; the producers of Tigerskin & Till Von Sein remix the track of ‘Headache’ a track featuring Cath Coffey singing the composition, 7 minutes with a soft and strong progression, a powerful bassline, incorporation of the RB303 and the excellent voice of Cath, and a remix with an orientation for a club; and completing the pack with the Out of Sorts remix for ‘Headlock’, 8 minutes with mystery, dark and full of tension, great remix.

Terranova – Headache Remixe [Kompakt KOMPAKTDIGITAL050] (12 January 2015) Buy @ Beatport
1 Terranova – Tourette (David Mayer Remix) 8:19
2 Terranova – Headache Feat. Cath Coffey (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) 7:00
3 Terranova – Headlock (Out Of Sorts Remix) 7:49


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