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Terranova – Painkiller EP [Kompakt] (2013)


Last year, thanks to the german label of Kompakt, occurred the return, with an excellent album of Terranova, legendary in the 90s, and brilliant return with their particular interpretation of House and electronic music, with a very particular sound and differential, in their comeback album included collaborations from other producers in the vocal parts of the compositions, then came the remix packs, and the remix album of this fascinating ‘Hotel Amour’, and now come with new material, new excellent material, 4 new compositions, 4 new wonders, and has been in 3 of them with the featuring in the voices of Bon Homme (aka Tomas Høffding of WhoMadeWho) who already has brilliantly in two previous album songs and one with Jennifer Cardini. Opening the EP we find the wonderful ‘You’ after those initial rhythms and percussion features special sweet voice of Thomas, in ‘Endless Summer’ with an increased pace, again highlighting the voice of Thomas on the electronics bases, a song deep, dark, and for ‘Painkiller’ with that piano competing with the voice of Thomas, with electronic bases into a background, and for ‘Wunderbar’ it has the colabroación of Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant) with an enigmatic composition, in which Jennifer recites excellently a Christiane F, deep and atmospheric composition track is also included in its dub version called ‘Wunderdub’ to close this brilliant EP. Excellent, highly recommended. And all accompanied, as usual in Terranova with excellent promotional videos.

Terranova – Painkiller EP [Kompakt KOMPAKT262] (13 May, 2013) Comprar en Beatport
1 You feat. Bon Homme (Original Mix) 7:06
2 Endless Summer feat. Bon Homme (Original Mix) 7:25
3 Wunderbar feat. Jennifer Cardini (Original Mix) 6:53
4 Painkiller feat. Bon Homme (Original Mix) 6:21
5 Wunderdub (Extended Version) 6:53



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