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Terranova – Restless Remixe 1 EP [Kompakt] (2015)


From Berlin, the Terranova project, led by Fetisch, after his excellent debut at the end of the 90s with 4 albums, to remain silent for seven years and appear again in summer 2011 signing by the prestigious imprint from Cologne of Kompakt, label in which Terranova was published in 2012 the excellent ‘Hotel Amour (KOMPAKTCD 95)’ and the last month of may ‘Restless (KOMPAKTCD123)’ , a new album that as in the previous, with the collaboration of different artists to put their voices to the compositions of Fetisch and &Me, and now on the Kompakt have just published the first pack of remixes from this album, 2 selected cuts from the album, and 3 remixes, the first by Dj and producer based in Miami of Danny Daze aka Daniel Gomez, owner of label of Omniamm and last year was the guest on Speicher 80 of Kompakt, the second remix comes from Berlin, with Re.You aka Marius Maier, who this year was the guest in Speicher 86 of Kompakt, and finally, another artist from Berlin, Adam Port of the German label of Keinemusik.

Restless Remixe 1 EP of Terranova in Kompakt opens with 2 remixes for the cut that opens the album, ‘Tell Me Why’, a great cut that has the collaboration of some old friends from Terranova to singing the track, the british band of Stereo MC´s, and to open this Ep of remixes, we find the remix from Danny Daze who give power and forcefulness to the remix of 8 minutes with nervous rhythms, in constant rise, powerful bassline, everything you need to turn the public on-fire on the dance floor and make it dance; the second remix for this cut, comes signed by Re.You, who offers a different experience, leads to 8 minutes of hypnotic rhythms, incisive percussions and great bass, to fly away the mind. The second remixed cut is the collaboration with Mandel Turner in ‘Underverse’ which is remixed by Adam Port, who by applying loops that love Adam becomes a hypnotic and crazy house, fun remix to the track. And as exclusively on vinyl, and as the voice of Mandel Turner is excellent, includes the Acapella version of the track, in order to enjoy this great voice.

Terranova – Restless Remixe 1 EP [Kompakt KOMPAKT332] (18 August, 2015)
1 Terranova – Tell Me Why Feat. Stereo MC´s (Danny Daze Mix) 8:17
2 Terranova – Tell Me Why Feat. Stereo MC´s (Re.You Mix) 7:59
3 Terranova – Underverse Feat. Mandel Turner (Adam Port Mix) 7:22
Bonus Vinyl: Terranova – Underverse Feat. Mandel Turner (Acapella) 3:53

Pre-Order Vinyl @ Kompakt (August 28, 2015)
Buy Digital Exclusive @ Beatport


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