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An interview with Veit-Ander Aichbichler (tFRWD)

The global events industry was the first to close and will be the last to reopen when the pandemic caused by the coronavirus or COVID-19 ends. For most of the companies in this sector, each month has been a matter of survival. That is why a sustainable, profitable and practical solution is needed. This is how tFRWD arises in Austria, where the Austrian virologist Dr. Christoph Steininger from the Med University of Vienna and the founders of tFRWD, Veit-Ander Aichbichler and Hennes Weiss, developed a technical solution that aims to take testing to the next level: create risk-free spaces with a kit where each person can be tested to see if they have the virus or not and get results a little faster.
We spoke with Veit-Ander Aichbichler about this necessary proposal.

We are living in a difficult time, where many events and show rooms are closing. Is there hope in getting them back?

The longer the restrictions on events & tourism are in place, the more businesses related to travel, events & tourism will vanish. We already see, that even if the pandemic would end now, the industry will have changed.
We know, that businesses have the capability to adapt, but we have to give them a chance. This is what we aim for.

How could you define the new tFRWD DIY kit concept?

  • De-centralize testing
  • Bring prices of reliable testing down
  • Bring tests to the people and not people to the tests
  • Avoid waiting lines and minimize risk of infection
  • Test before you go out

Do you think this proposal will save the entertainment industry?

The test kit alone can only contribute to the efforts of saving the tourism industry. But maybe it can be a significant part of upcoming concepts of how to enable travels & events.

Will it have a high cost?

The cost of PCR testing is higher than of most rapid tests, as high accuracy implies higher costs. But with increase of demand prices become lower and will come to an affordable level soon.

Will it be accessible to everyone?

This is the main goal for us. Make it easily accessible to everyone through retail & online sales.

Through what platforms can it be purchased?

At the moment POS and online. Soon it will also come with the ticket of events or flight tickets.

Does this kit have an expensive production cost?

The production cost of the kit itself is moderate. The really expensive part of the process is the laboratory.

What is the kit made of?

  • A saline solution for the mouth wash.
  • A transfer tube to “spit” the mouth wash back
  • A Virus stabilization tube, that enables us to transport the virus without cooling it down.
  • A transport tube, required to be allowed to transport viruses around.
  • A digital APP for sample collection and result reporting

When do you think the kit will start to become popular?

It is happening right now and we hope we will have positive impact on the ecnomy and the well-beeing of people.


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