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The Asphodells – Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust [Rotter’s Golf Club] (2013)


A master and a legend as Andrew Weatherall, has since 2009 are working with Timothy J. Fairplay (formerly of band Battant) with a new project called The Asphodells, so far only known a single tracks, and now by the hand of the label Rotter’s Golf Club (the label of Andrew Weatherall) and then withdrawing into studies London is published this great duo album ‘Passion Ruled By Destroyed By Lust’ in which these two monsters were responsible for writing and playing almost the entire album, with a result of music with touches Nu disco electro pop, Kraftwerk, dub , post punk … wonderful, 12 songs plus a remix by Mugwump and those more than 10 minutes of great remix, to fly a while …. An album in which there countless memories of past groups (from Happy Mondays, John Foxx, Soft Cell, Human League …… and much kraftwerk and of course, Two Lone Swordsmen) with a new sound, which mixes electronica with guitars, bass , keyboards … whole shaker music, two tracks with letters of poems by the British poet of John Betjeman. 80 minutes of musical glory, repetitive rhythms overlaid with melodies, guitars moving between those rhythms with vocals that are perfectly suited to this whole trip. Album highly recommended.

The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall & Timothy J. Fairplay) – Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust [Rotter’s Golf Club RGCDL 019] (4 February, 2013) Buy @ Beatport
1 Beglammered 07:18
2 Never There 06:09
3 Skwatch 06:14
4 Another Lonely City 04:29
5 Late Flowering Lust 04:02
6 Late Flowering Dub 04:14
7 We Are The Axis 04:45
8 One Minute’s Silence 06:41
9 The Quiet Dignity (Of Unwitnessed Lives) 04:24
10 A Love From Outer Space (version 2) 08:03
11 Zone 05:02
12 Dub Minute’s Silence 06:38
13 A Love From Outer Space (Mugwump remix) 10:38


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