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The Black 80s – Black Label #108 [Compost] (2013)


The Black 80s is the new project as a veteran Hollis P Monroe (Ovum / Keinemusik) and newcomer Overnite (Suol / Noir Music) and by the hand of british label Air London debuted this past summer, now coming to and under the german label of Compost, inside the Black Label Series bring us 3 new tracks and an excellent remix, sounds House / Deep House with classic sounds, with vocal house / soul and soft melodies. Opening the EP with ‘Go Home’ with a catchy, soft and gentle melodies with that deep, addictive voice to the next track have had the collaboration of IBi Vaughan on track ‘Nothing Better’, here with more sensual rhythms, and the remix of this track by the Italian producer based in Berlin of Rubini, founder of one of the most creative imprints of the present moment as Degustibus Music, a brilliant work on this track , slowing the BPM, with a darker atmosphere and tension and over 8 minutes of bright transformation of the original track, and to close the EP with ‘Such A Long Time’ , a riskier track, researching new sounds and fine voice duo.

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