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The Emperor Machine – Like a Machine (LP) [Southern Fried Records ECB386] (2014)


It’s been five years of the last album master Andy Meecham aka The Emperor Machine, his album ‘Space Beyond The Egg (D.C.Recordings, 2009)’ and today, finally he publish his 4th album from The Emperor Machine project of this excellent producer, a specialist and collector of analog synthesizers, multi-instrumentalist, and now comes with ‘Like a Machine’ for the British label of Southern Fried Records, an album arrives preceded by three previous singles, the tracks ‘Like a Machine’, ‘Hey’ and ‘RMI is All I Want’, an album composed, played and written by himself Andy Meecham, who has had the collaboration of Michelle Bee singing and writing the lyrics to some tracks, or himself Todd Terje programming the System 700 in the track ‘So.Ma.So’, The Emperor Machine pure, forceful, excellent production and interpretation of the 12 tracks that comprise the album, from the blunt and brutal intro with ‘Theme from Magical Ring’ with dirty sounds that captivated us since the beginning of the album to give way to a new version, shorter than the published as single of ‘Like a Machine’, strong and loud, the latest single presentation of the album, ‘RMI Is All I Want’ with those catchy sounds that captivate us and make dance, excellent bass and synths on ‘The Point ‘ fused with the voice of M. Bee; a spacy, excellents synths and brutal odyssey in ‘La Llorona’, epic composition; funny jam of ‘Voices’ pure entertainment; the short version of one of the singles from the album presentation, ‘Hey!’; Todd Terje collaboration in galactic ‘So.Ma.So.’; very good percussion and bass on ‘Sonique’ with more relaxed and refreshed rhythms; sexy and funky in ‘Pop The Lid’; slow and hypnotic with ‘Eighty Three’ and closing with those voices echos, and touches of dub and distorsions of ‘Let The Bombs Fall’. 52 delicious minutes, 12 excellent tracks, excellent The Emperor Machine, a highly recommended album.

The Emperor Machine – Like a Machine (LP) [Southern Fried Records ECB 386] (19 May, 2014)
1 Theme from Magical Ring (Original Mix) 2:42
2 Like a Machine (Ems Edit) 3:30
3 Rmi Is All I Want (Original Mix) 4:56
4 The Point (Original Mix) 4:25
5 La Llorona (Original Mix) 4:35
6 Voices (Original Mix) 3:58
7 Hey! (Original Mix) 4:40
8 So. Ma. So (Original Mix) 5:33
9 Sonique (Original Mix) 4:59
10 Pop the Lid (Original Mix) 4:14
11 Eighty Three (Original Mix) 4:55
12 Let the Bombs Fall (Original Mix) 4:07

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